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As a result, DSC Legal is one of the first law firms in Germany to take the step towards a notary office of the next generation. With DSC Cloud our law office won't need external data rooms anymore. For the notary offices the use of a data room will be finally permitted.

Through DSC Cloud clients of the firm can use the notary as a platform for a fast exchange of documents. DSC Legal, as well as a client, can upload files from a computer or smartphone into the Cloud, where the files can be edited and shared with other project partners. This service allows a more efficient processing and coordination of all parties, which fully exploits the technical possibilities of the 21st century.

At the same time, DSC Legal complies with all aspects of data security, which are expected by a trustworthy and serious notary. Together with the President of the Regional Court of Berlin, as the competent employer of the notary and the Federal and Regional Chamber of Notaries, DSC Legal developed its own security concept, on the basis of the requirements of the Berlin Data Protection Act and the notarial employment law.

All files are stored on a server in our office rooms, which is particularly protected against hacker attacks, using the latest state of the art encryption (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 standard).The files are administered by our specially qual-ified personnel. Access to the DSC Cloud can only be obtained by means of a personal password, which is exclusively given out by our qualified personnel in writing by post.

With this service DSC Legal meets the needs of its national and international client base and the requirements of a connected world. Smart and to the point!

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