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Issue of Certificates confirming the Order of Priority in the Land Register

As a rule, banks only pay out loans for the purpose of financing a property purchase when the created security right over property (usually a land charge) has been entered in the land register. Only then the security right over the property is created in favour of the financing bank. It can sometimes take months rather than weeks before a land charge/mortgage is registered in the land register. This is often not acceptable for the parties involved. The issue of a certificate confirming the order of priority in the land register by a notary can accelerate the disbursement of the bank loan. If the notary confirms to the bank that he has submitted the application for registration of the land charge/mortgage to the land registry and that there are no obstacles to its registration in the land register with the rank required by the bank, the bank will disburse the loan to the purchaser already on the basis of such notarial certificate.

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