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Notarial Services

As an organ of the preventive administration of justice, the notary has a position independent of the state and of the parties in a transaction. In this capacity he advises the parties involved neutrally and comprehensively, making sure that the contracts are balanced. He also supervises payments and takes care of entries in the land and other registers.

The law stipulates that a notary must be involved in certain legal transactions that have far-reaching consequences for the parties. This includes, for instance, the conclusion of real property sale and purchase agreements and the establishment of a corporation. Without notarization, such legal transactions are null and void.

The scope of a notary’s work also includes the certification of signatures and copies, as well as the notarization of actual events (e.g. shareholder meetings) and the issuance of certificates regarding facts that the notary has witnessed in the course of his duties.

Unlike to the activity of lawyers, the notary's fees are not at the disposal of the parties involved, but are based on the requirements of the German Act on Court Fees and Notary Fees (Gerichts- und Notarkostengesetz - GNotKG), which applies equally to all notaries in Germany.

Our experienced notaries are supported by an established team of highly versed notarial employees and are available as impartial and independent legal advisors in all matters concerning the drafting of contracts and other legal transactions.

Below you will find an overview of the services provided by our notaries. For further information, please visit the information portal of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (Bundesnotarkammer).


Notarial Recording

For a large number of important legal transactions, the form of notarial recording (notarielle Beurkundung) is prescribed by law. Failure to notarially record such legal transactions results in their voidness. ...

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Certification of Signatures and Copies

The certification of a signature is the public certification of the fact that the signature stems from a specific person and that the signatory has personally executed or acknowledged his signature before the notary. ...

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Obtaining of Extracts from Public Registers

On request, we will provide our clients with up-to-date extracts from the electronic commercial register, register of cooperatives and register of associations. ...

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Drafting of Contracts and Powers of Attorney

The preparation of draft contracts is already part of the notarization activities of notaries if this serves to prepare a notarial recording or certification. ...

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Issue of Certificates on the Content of the Commercial Register

If companies are represented in the notarization, the notary has to determine who is representing the company and whether these persons are authorized to represent the company. ...

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Issue of Certificates confirming the Order of Priority in the Land Register

As a rule, banks only pay out loans for the purpose of financing a property purchase when the created security right over property (usually a land charge) has been entered in the land register. ...

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Obtaining of Apostilles

When used abroad, German notarial deeds often require an apostille or legalisation, which we obtain on request from the competent authorities. ...

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