Efficiency. Speed. Reliability. We are great believers in the power of technology to help us meet our client’s needs. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art custom and off-the-shelf IT solutions, so as to provide the most efficient, fastest, and most reliable service we can.



DSC Cloud

DSC Cloud is our in-house, customized solution for securely sharing and managing documents for our notarial clients. Possibly the first such product in Germany, DSC Cloud provides a platform for all parties to a transaction to safely, quickly, and reliably exchange all the documents pertaining to the deal. All data are securely encrypted on our own servers, located in our office, and managed by our trained professionals.



Electronic Data Rooms

For confidential business processes - whether a merger, acquisition, divestiture or other transaction - we partner with third-party service providers to setup and manage secure, full-function online data rooms.





IT Infrastructure

We invest in the latest networking, desktop and mobile systems, allowing our team to collaborate and communicate with clients wherever they may be. Our robust systems are fully backed-up, ensuring continuity of operations no matter the circumstances.





Knowledge Management

Over the course of many years, our team has combined our collective experience and expertise into a knowledge management system. This database of documents, templates, forms, practice material and internal research allows us to work more efficiently and effectively. We supplement our system with third-party digital libraries, keeping us up-to-date on the latest developments and allowing us to cover a wide range of legal fields.




Email Encryption

For matters that require extra security, we offer to encrypt end-to-end all email communications to and from our clients.





Foreign Language Support

Our multi-lingual professionals are able to translate to-and-from German and several foreign languages, making the most of software tools to accelerate the translation while maintaining the highest standards. For languages not covered by our team, we rely on a network of professional translators and interpreters, allowing us to serve clients around the globe.




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