Notary Services

Notary Services

An organ of the judiciary, the notary has a position which is independent of the government and of the parties in a transaction.  On the basis of this special position, they advise the parties neutrally and comprehensively, making sure that the contracts are balanced.  They also supervise payments and take care of entries in the land and other registers.

The law stipulates that a notary must be involved in certain legal acts that have far-reaching consequences for the parties. This includes, for instance, the conclusion of real property sale and purchase agreements and the incorporation of capital companies.  Without notarization, such acts are null and void.

The scope of a notary’s work also includes the authentication of signatures and certification of copies, as well as the notarization of events, such as shareholder meetings, and the issuance of certifications regarding facts that the notary has witnessed in the course of their duties.

Our notaries have performed numerous notarizations in the course of their duties, mainly in the area of real property and corporate law.  They are available as impartial and independent legal advisors for all questions regarding the drafting of contracts and other legal acts.


Our notaries offer you e.g. the following services:

  • Notarizations
  • Certifications
  • Taking of affidavits

Issuing certificates concerning the content of the commercial register


Real Estate Law Notarial Matters (e.g.):

  • Sale and purchase agreements for real estate , condominiums and hereditary building rights
  • Property development agreements
  • Barter agreements
  • Creation and deletion of mortgages, land charges and easements of any kind (e.g. rights of way, conduit rights, usufructs)
  • Applications regarding lost land charge certificates
  • Gifts
  • Partition of properties into condominiums
  • Creation of hereditary building rights
  • Notarization of powers of attorney regarding the sale or purchase of real properties


Corporate and Commercial Law Notarial Matters (e.g.):

  • Foundation of limited liability companies (GmbH) and public companies (Aktiengesellschaft)
  • Registration of single-member companies and partnerships with the company register
  • Sale and transfer of shares in limited liability companies
  • Resolutions of shareholder meetings of limited liability companies and of the general meetings of public companies
  • Capital increases, mergers and other proceedings pursuant to the German Reorganization of Companies Act (Umwandlungsgesetz)
  • Liquidations
  • Applications to the Register of Associations
  • Authentication of powers of attorney regarding the purchase and sale of shares


Venture Capital Financing:

  • Notarization of Investment Agreements and Shareholders´ Agreements
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