Construction and Architectural Law

We advise clients in the development, planning, construction and financing of construction projects.

Our practice covers all stages of the construction and realization of building projects and covers all facets of construction and architectural law issues. We assist our clients in structuring agreements, advise them throughout the construction phase, and represent them in all types of negotiations. Thanks to our many years of experience advising on major construction projects, we have a good sense for interdisciplinary cooperation and a strong understanding of technical and business considerations.

We strive to identify potential conflicts before they arise, and to develop strategies to avoid such problems or to find an amicable, effective solution. If a dispute in court is unavoidable, our extensive experience in judicial proceedings pays off.



Construction and Architectural Law

Private Construction Law

Based on our many years of experience in structuring agreements, we are able to set a firm legal basis for construction projects. We strive to not only address the typical issues common to all projects, but always to address the specificities and particularities faced by our clients. As the law is constantly changing, it is paramount that every agreement be in full accordance with the latest jurisprudence. General contractor and sub-contractor agreements form a significant part of our practice, as well as assisting in all aspects of negotiation and ongoing legal advice.

Due to the complexity of construction projects, which often include a host of different parties, they are rarely carried out entirely as planned. As deviations from the original plans arise, it is especially important to react to such developments in a timely and effective manner. We help our clients find legally-sound solutions and take appropriate action to problems as they arise. Typical issues that we advise on include work-changes, delays in construction, defect liability and security. Should it be necessary, we support our clients in asserting or defending against warranty claims and other claims for compensation.

Architectural and Engineering Law

In the field of architectural and engineering law, we advise both architect and engineering firms, as well as their clients. We assist our clients in structuring agreements, and represent their interest with regards to fee claims and liability questions.



Project Management Law

A properly structured project management agreement will take into consideration whether it is a work or service contract, the scope of services provided, the structuring of payments, and a number of other factors. In addition to drafting and negotiating such agreements, we also advise and represent clients in the assertion and defense against claims for payment of project managers and liability claims of the commissioning party.



Public Construction Law

We advise and represent owners, investors, and planners in public construction, planning, and environmental law. In advising on transaction and investment projects, we determine the legal status of a property with regards to construction law, and assist in any permitting processes that may arise. We analyze the construction permits and determine what construction work might be grandfathered-in. Furthermore, we advise and represent clients in concluding neighbor agreements and public-law contracts, in particular those regarding urban development.

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